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The team at Ryan Kruger Lawyers provides advice relating to personal legal matters.

Our team has a commitment towards integrity and professionalism in delivering outcomes to meet the legal needs of our clients.

Our clients have access to the expertise of an Accredited Specialist and our highly skilled lawyers are committed to serving our client’s legal needs.

Our firm provides legal services in an environment that respects the individual needs of clients and the confidential nature of the relationships with our clients.

Our team is committed to providing timely advice and a rapid response when legal issues arise. Our lawyers assist clients to identify all legal issues and provide our clients with options for resolving issues.

Ryan Kruger Lawyers is committed to providing a high quality legal service for a fair price. Fees are always discussed upfront.


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Mark, Kristin,

Settlement all went through last week so I’m done and dusted (again !!)

Many thanks for all of your sage advice and guidance along the way, I think we ended up with a pragmatic solution that I’m very happy with.

I know as a service professional giving people advice is what we do and I also think that the difference between and average professional and a great professional is someone who takes a real interest in their client’s outcomes and continually thinking and advising what is best for the client as compared to just going through a process. I believe you guys have given me accurate, pragmatic and appropriate advice along the way.

Many thanks again !!!