Family & Defacto Relationship Law

iStock_000043577434LargeRyan Kruger Lawyers are able to assist you in all aspects of your family law matters, including:

  • Separation and divorce
  • Property settlements and spousal maintenance for married and de facto couples
  • Care and financial arrangements for children, as well as child protection and family violence

Helpful Family Law Links

The following sites provide helpful information about Family law:

  • The Queensland Law Society provides information about Family Law, including Separation and Organisations that provide community assistance, including Legal Aid Queensland, Community Legal Centres, Child Support Agency, Centrelink/Family Assistance Office, DV (domestic violence) Connect and Family Relationship Advice Line.
  • The Family Court of Australia is a good place to start your reading if you are looking for an overview of Family Law and procedure.
  • The Federal Circuit Court of Australia provides useful information and forms and also includes judgements to read.
  • The Child Support Web site provides access to calculators to work out your likely child support payments.
  • Family Relationships Online provides a comprehensive outline of all services & service providers available who are registered as Family Dispute Resolution Provider’s. This site also displays any updates and or amendments to the Family Law Rules 2004.


Community Legal Centres – Brisbane

Counselling & Mediation

The following sites provide helpful information on relationships, parenting, counselling and mediation:

Family Law Related Sites

Legislation and Cases

Legal Aid Commissions

Bar Associations and Law Societies

International Family Law Links